Our Vision – Excellence in Education

Our Mission – Learn and Rise

Our Religion – Love

Our Motto – Inspire,Illuminate,Liberate


Our Founder – Late Shri Harvir Giri

Late Shri H. V. Giri, the founder and former Chairman of the institution has been the epitome of devotion to duty rectitude, simplicity and magnanimity. One just could not resist his vivacity, his cheerful disposition and a highly enthusiastic attitude. With him one could truly behold that the ethical virtues which had been so well taught and learnt could be practiced whatever be the circumstances. He was an administrator fully determined to put a well cherished fledgling on its wings to soar high. Such a versatile character was his, that one finds it a difficult task to even attempt to touch the periphery of his profile.


Our Ethos
The school is established on an ethos which resides in the enduring values of progressive tradition.The highly qualified and dedicated staff provides an invigorating and ambitious atmosphere to shape inquisitive minds in building history. The goal of the school is to inculcate students with a desire of learning and encourage them to be
analytical and critical in thoughts which would empower them to build a liberal mind .The values which are deep-rooted in them helps to promote confidence and rationalistic vision to meet challenges in the future.


School badge
An Annual “Founder’s Memorial Award Ceremony” is held which honors the students with prestige and awards in appreciation of their hardwork and competitive zeal in academics and other co-curricular activities.This ceremony is held for every class and the student is rewarded with a Blue Blazer/blue Tie/Blue Belt for mantaning 1 st position(juniors )and above 80%(seniors) for three consecutive years,A Gold Scholar Badge for above 80% for six consecutive years.